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Press Coverage and Referrals of Deogarh Mahal

Deogarh Mahal has has received widespread acclaim from all quarters of the industry. Some views on Deogarh Mahal – Tatler 07 ‘Has ever such a lovely place existed?  your own mini lake palace in the form of ... Fort Seeng Sagar. It’s gorgeous in every way: laidback but undeniably sexy. Each of the four suites is built around a turret where the balcony has been transformed into a daybed covered in jewel-coloured silks. Sit under the huge neem tree in the creeper-strewn courtyard and tell stories into the fire while helpful staff whip up serious cocktails from the fully equipped James Bond bar.



Fort Seeng Sagar is a magical and awe-inspiring island fortress sitting in the middle of a lake within a dramatic rocky landscape. Three hours’ drive from Udaipur, it is fully-staffed and everything is of the highest quality. Each room has a private bathroom and balcony overlooking the lake. The small pond in the central courtyard becomes a cosy fire to sit around during winter. As well as a dining and sitting area under cover there is a superb, open-air terrace which overlooks the lake.


If someone who had never before been to India wished to be immersed straight away in the most beautiful and amusing aspects of this country, this would be the place to arrive. Infant, the only real problem with Deogarh is that after spending a few nights there, one’s expectations of the next place on the itinerary are likely to become impossibly high.’


The New Millenium ‘Winner of the Tatler award for the best hotel under £100 a night, 1999. To go to this magical hilltop fort is to fall in love. John Standing says: ”Deogarh is definitive, a paradise. It is worth travelling all the way to India just to stay there – for me it is the most worthwhile journey to make in the world.’ Bottom line : Lashings of hot water, rare in India. This hotel epitomises luxury on a budget, with character and charm that’s elusive even in the world’s smartest establishments.’

Jewels in the Dust by Lucia van der Post (How to Spend it) Deogarh Fort, the “castle of gods”, built around 1670 between Udaipur and Jodhpur, is one of the least known, most remote and most charming of the new hotels. You drive up through a small dusty bazaar, filled with funny little shops, temples, painted houses and a huge statue of the elephant god Ganesh, until you come across a stony road which leads into the courtyard of a 17th-century castle overlooking the town.

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